World Tour, Day 16: YOU GUYS I WENT ON A TRAIN!

Background: Before I started figuring out the transportation aspect of this trip, someone I was talking to about it got all excited about Amtrak. Which meant I got all excited about Amtrak and then looked up how their prices compared to Greyhound. They were more expensive, so they weren’t going to be my main form of transportation. But I didn’t want to rule them out, so I thought I’d treat myself for one leg of my trip. Eventually, I settled on Texas to Alabama, because then I’d get to see pretty parts of Louisiana.

Background background: When I was a kid, I had a great need to ride a passenger train. It never did happen. The prospect of it finally happening was exciting, but a little unreal.

Foreground background: When the time came for me to figure out Greyhound tickets for getting from Sacramento to Denver, I found out the trip would be 30+ hours. I said “oh, heck no,” and looked up Amtrak. Because I’d waited so long to buy my ticket, the Amtrak one was a cheaper than the Greyhound and I was assured that the train would be a much better experience than the Greyhound.

Today: It was.

So much more room in your seat. So much more comfortable. Actual food you can buy from the snack cart (the dining cart was not in my budget xD ). Actual room in the aisles to walk around if I so desired. A gloriously scenic route in a generally nicer atmosphere.

But the best part was that, without breaking my budget, I was finally on a passenger train.

Amtrak is awesome :D

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