World Tour, Day 18: Denver is the Place of Cool Authors

Back before Stant Litore came up with the pen name Stant Litore, I found this random guy on Twitter working on a series he called The Zombie Bible. I was intrigued. This idea was either going to be terrible or brilliant. So I went to his website and read the excerpts he had from his yet-to-be-published books.

They were brilliant.

He has since published five volumes of The Zombie Bible as well as numerous stories for Ansible, one of his sci fi series, a handful of other novellas, and a book about character creation. I’ve read almost all of them. And, by almost, I mean I’ve only got two I haven’t started yet and I’m partway through the character creation book. A couple years ago, he was a guest on my first instance of The Offbeat Dialogues.

Seeing as he lives in Denver, Denver went on my list for places to visit this trip.


He picked me up at the train station yesterday (which has an octopus sculpture out front- I think a temporary art installation, but a fun one) and we (him, me, and his daughter, River) went to a cafe he really likes because I was dang hungry. River got cheese and crackers, which she decided she didn’t like and proceeded to first feed them to Stant, and then to play with them, culminating in him and me eating what was apparently a cheese sandwich she had made herself.

Stant and his wife were unable to host me, but he has a friend, David Boop, who is also a writer and who has a guest room set up with writers in mind, and David was able to host me. Apparently, David often does this for writers who are in town for conventions and such.

It’s a cool room, with all sorts of interesting books on the shelves and decorations on the desk- including a Predator vinyl figurine I knocked over while plugging in my tablet (sorry, Predator!).

‘Twas an excellent arrival, but dang was I tired.

Today, I went to Stant’s place to have supper, and it was an evening of excellent food and conversation. Stant showed me this beautifully illustrated Bible he has- the illustrations were done by Barry Moser and they’re all woodcuts. You can see most of them here, but not my favourite, which is of when Mary learns that she’ll be the mother of the Messiah. The emotion of that piece is… I don’t have the words. It’s amazing.

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