World Tour, Day 21: KEVIN J. ANDERSON (Apparently I fangirl more on the inside than I ever do on the outside)

Yesterday, I found out that Kevin J. Anderson (aka, the guy who, with Brian Herbert, been writing the Dune books since Frank Herbert died) lives in Colorado, not far from Denver. I also found out that David knows him and had something to drop off at his house, anyways, so would I be interested in coming along and meeting Kevin?

Heck yes.

I mean, I played it super cool, but only because I was freaking out on the inside.

I read somewhere where a celebrity was talking about the different kinds of fans they meet. There’s the people who go nuts and squee and stuff, and the people who are really reserved but you know they’re going nuts on the inside (and a few other types I don’t remember). Turns out I’m more of the latter. During the Edmonton Expo, Shannon Purser and Natalia Dyer walked by my booth and all I did was make eye contact and then look away to keep from exploding.

So, I ended up wearing my House Atreides t-shirt completely by accident (I’m not kidding, either), which he got a kick out of and, when he found out I’m Canadian, he remarked on the fact that he was wearing a Rush t-shirt.

A little later he found out that I wasn’t 100% sure who Rush was.

Apparently I make a very poor Canadian xD

He’s a cool dude, though, and he’s got a ton of books (as one would expect from an author), including an entire bookcase full of all the Dune books in various translations. Except the Hungarian one, which apparently has an ugly cover. I wanted to linger over that bookcase because I linger over bookcases in general and because I’m fascinated by the differences between language editions and ALL OF THE DUNE BOOKS, but I wasn’t sure how much lingering would be polite in the home of someone you don’t really know, so I opted for as little as possible.

And, yes, this is mostly about me and not so much about Kevin because, well, I was only there for, like, ten minutes, and we only spoke for about 1-2 minutes of that. There’s not really much you can say about a person after that short a contact other than to confirm that, yes, they’re probably human and not covered with sandtrout, beginning their transformation into a human-sandworm hybrid for the purpose of saving humanity from itself.

But there you go.

I met Kevin J. Anderson.

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