World Tour, Day 22: On Wednesdays, We Work for Fun (and go to Garden of the Gods)

Today was a quiet day, but I did get out to the writers group that Stant and David are a part of this evening. Alas, Stant has the evil cold of evil, so he was unable to attend. The rest of us chilled in a restaurant (I forget the name- but they’ve been there enough that the waitress we had serving us knows them all) and they wrote while I got some VA work done.

Gots to pay the bills and stuffs, you know.

That was pretty much it. Much relax. Very chill. :)

Plus Garden of the Gods. Does going out to see natural wonders count as a quiet day? It does in my books. :D





I edited the last one to make it look like a fantasy painting (as one does):


And, last but not least, the sunset:


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Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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