World Tour, Day 4: See ALL the Things (plus a Vegemite cameo)

Today was the day in which I saw ALL the things.

Well. Maybe not all the things.

But definitely all the things in Lego form at Brick Con:




And the Space Needle:


image image

And I ate a whole ton of seafood in one sitting (picture taken by Holli :) ):


I even tried a cooked clam for the first time. In another universe, I’d be okay with it. In this universe, I’m still too grossed out by the way clams and mussels and such look to ever be okay eating them. Oh well.

Oh, and you know how some people will do something like the travelling gnome, where they have a thing (in that case, a gnome figurine), and they take pictures of it in each of the places they go?

Well, a while ago, I met Lauren Clinn of Lumi Consulting on Twitter, and when she found out that I wanted to try Vegemite and didn’t know if I could get it in Canada, she sent me a little container of it. I thought it’d be hilarious to take a picture of the Vegemite in each main location I go to, as it makes its way with me back to Melbourne.

Behold, the Vegemite by the Ferris wheel at the Seattle waterfront (featuring Holli’s hand):


Fun fact: I even had that Vegemite with butter on toast for breakfast today. Exactly the way Lauren told me it’s meant to be eaten. :D

I had to use my cell phone and iPad for all my pictures today because it turns out that one of the batteries with the camera my mom lent me won’t hold a charge anymore. But the other one does still, and it’s charged now, so I’ll use it tomorrow to take pictures for when we go to the beach. Because ocean. :D So there will be better quality pictures tomorrow. As much as my photography skills allow. :P

‘Twas a fun, full day.

I am satisfied. :)

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