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World Tour, Day 6: The First Ever Starbucks! (And Pike Place Market)

Turns out, the first ever Starbucks is in Seattle.

Also turns out, I was completely oblivious of such important coffee-related information. Until now, that is.

Therefore, I went.

The picture evidence is as follows (all crappy cell phone pictures, sorry):


That was outside of the Starbucks in the Longest Line Up Ever (TM). Below is from when we finally got inside.


It was a Starbucks. I went so I can say I’ve been, and also because hot chocolate is tasty. :D

Holli and I went through Pike Place Market afterwards, got pickles on sticks (they were ginormous and the sort of thing you’d expect I’d take a picture of, but I was too busy eating mine – that thing was dang delicious, let me tell you), which isn’t what you’d expect to pair with a hot chocolate from Starbucks, but I did it anyways. We didn’t have a whole lot of time there, unfortunately, so we went through it pretty fast (so many wonderful things- I’ve decided that I will go on a road trip in the future and one of the stops will be Seattle so I can go through Pike’s Place properly and get pretty things and more tasty food :D ). We did linger in the last shop we went to, which was the geek store of geekdom.

I’m sure no one is surprised.

There were funny things.


There were cool things.


There were pretty things (and a random guy in the background).

20161003_120929 20161003_120935

I got a Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling keychain because, let’s face it, I wasn’t walking out of a place like that without purchasing something. It is nice and pretty and my precious. *strokes*

In the evening, I packed so I’d be ready to head out to the Greyhound the following afternoon and did some magic or something because I was able to fit more in my luggage than before, which left more room in my backpack, which resulted in it looking less strained at the seams.

Which is always nice.

I feel like there was something else I was going to say, but I’m writing this two days (and one Greyhound ride) later, so the details have gone fuzzy.

Oh well.

I can still end this awkwardly.


2 Responses to World Tour, Day 6: The First Ever Starbucks! (And Pike Place Market)

  1. Did you get a Seattle Starbucks name? In Philadelphia ‘Elliot’ and ‘Lizzie’ became ‘Eddie’ and ‘Izzy’. In Disneyland Paris, I became ‘Léti’. In Florida, I got something that everyone struggled to read, but appeared to say ‘Isis’. I like collecting my Starbucks names. :)

    • Lol! No, they spelled my name right. Usually, I ask for people to spell it so they’ll say it right (so they usually go with Taya) but the cashier spelled it right, and then the guy giving me my drink said it wrong. Oh well :P