Stories on the edge of familiarity

World Tour, Day 9: Giving the Gift of Netflix

Let it be known by everyone who will be hosting me in future legs of this trip: I have Netflix access and am willing to share it with you.

Teddi doesn’t have Netflix, so I used my Netflix powers to introduce her and her kids to the fantastic show that is Supergirl (you guys, Kara is so freaking adorkable. I want to get Supergirl on DVD and rewatch it over and over). After the kids went to bed, we watched the first half of Stranger Things (another good rewatch for me), and I was vastly¬†erenter tainted by her reactions to everything. Unlike me, she was alive in the 80s, so she appreciated the accuracy of the setting and the references to various 80s movies far more than I did.

Aside from that, we had lots and lots of conversation about God and stories. ‘Twas a muchly enjoyable and chill day. :)

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