Ye Olde Test Page

Imagine that there is actual content here. Pretend with all your might. Maybe it’ll be here, maybe not.

Perhaps you could also imagine you are a blue elephant. That would be interesting. What makes you blue? Is it something you eat, like with pink flamingos? Or perhaps the blue is metaphorical. Do you pine for a lost love? Or the perfect flavour of pie? (Of course elephants eat pie. This is your imagination we’re talking about.)

Let’s say the blue is both literal and metaphorical, and that the elephant wants to marry his love, but her mother has high standards, so high that the elephant doubts he will ever meet them.

Rather, let’s say it’s a leopard with this metaphorical blueness, and the literally blue elephant is instead a kleptomaniac with a passion for pie. The leopard is in a bad spot because, although his potential mother-in-law has whittled her conditions down to one, this one seems to be the most impossible.

But this is my imagination, you say, and nothing is impossible in my imagination. True enough. But the leopard doesn’t know he is in your imagination, and so he is blue.

What is this condition? To make the perfect pecan pie of course! It must be as good as or even better than the potential mother-in-law’s divine pecan pie in time for the wedding or else the leopard will not be able to marry his one true love. The leopard started this endeavour with high spirits, but pecans are scarce this time of year (where the leopard lives, that is. Pecans are never scarce globally. That would be a catastrophe, especially where imagination is concerned), which means his number of attempts will be limited. To make matters worse, every time he makes a new pie and sets it out to cool, it disappears as soon as his back is turned! Along with a handful of pecans!

As it turns out, it is not a handful, but a trunkful, as our literally blue kleptomaniac elephant has found the abode of our figuratively blue lovesick leopard and has been using the prodigious length of his trunk to sneak in and steal pie after pie (with some pecans to wash them down) all while still sitting quite comfortably under the tree on a nearby hill.

The day is hot, as bright and oppressive a sun as you can imagine without scalding our dear characters off the face of the earth.

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