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NEW BOOKS: The Kitten Psychologist Series

NEW BOOKS: The Kitten Psychologist Series

You may recall my kitten psychologist stories, in which a kitten gets the help of a psychologist unbeknownst to its owners and, well, shenanigans. Because what else do you expect when there’s a sentient kitten involved?

Well, the series was picked up by Inkprint Press for Inklets, short stories by multiple authors published both digitally and in print twice a month over the course of this year (and possibly longer, but the ones I know about for sure are this year).

The first two instalments of the Kitten Psychologist series (The Kitten Psychologist and The Kitten Psychologist Broaches the Topic of Economics) are already out, and the rest will be coming out over the course of the year until October. They’ve been polished, they’ve been illustrated, and they each have an afterword by me on how I wrote them.

And the covers involve lots of kittens.

I mean.

It’s sort of required.

Get all the info (including the buy and preorder links) for the Kitten Psychologist series on its page on my site.


See all the Inklets (and perhaps get a subscription for all of them) on their page on the Inkprint Press site.

Going on a Break

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