The White Changeling Series

An outlaw (Adren) and awkward teenager (Nadin) team up to find a cure for an insane unicorn.

(“team up” = accidentally end up working together and, while Nadin is thrilled, Adren is grumpily resigned to the situation)

(Theoretically, this gets better over time)

(So does the unicorn)

(Unfortunately, there are complications)

(Because of course)

Book 1: Hidden in Sealskin

Meet Adren: outlaw, misanthrope, hellbent on obtaining a cure for an insane unicorn.

Adren hates humans, and with good reason. Protecting the unicorn from them even as she searches for a cure means running headlong into the worst of human need — and greed. With years of this under her belt, it’s bound to leave scars. Now, trying to steal a sealskin in exchange for a possible cure when money isn’t enough, she runs into the awkward and at-least-mostly human Nadin, who insists on helping her.

When the truth of the sealskin — and the cure — is revealed and Adren begins to fall apart, she might be able to rely on Nadin as an ally. Or she might lose all that’s dear to her. Either way, she’s going to have to go head-to-head with the mysteries shaking themselves loose in her own mind and the nightmarish event that unlocked the first of them from its cage.

Here’s to hoping no-one gets in the way.

Genre: Fantasy
 EJ Clarke
Cover designer: Roberto Calas

Book 2: Like Mist Over the Eyes

Sometimes there was a man weeping.
Sometimes there was a fire.
But always there was the sword.

Adren escaped with her life back in Watorej, but her tussle with the potion-maker has knocked something loose in her mind. Really loose. The dreams—if they even are dreams—are frequent and disturbing, and Adren finds it increasingly difficult to keep a grip on her own mind. Luckily Nadin is around to help out, but for how long? His human side, however slight it may be, ensures that he’ll eventually turn on her… doesn’t it?

For now, Adren and Nadin still search for the cure to the unicorn’s madness, and soon they stumble into an age-old feud between a fairy mound and the nearby human town. With one side seeing her as a plaything and the other as a threat to be stamped out, it’s up to Adren to find the middle ground—but doing so comes uncomfortably close to challenging her most coveted prejudices.

The long-sought cure might be merely one good bargain away, but as the game turns ever more deadly amid shifting allegiances and ancient legends turn out to be all too real, Adren must hold it all together before a full-blown war breaks loose. She has to conquer her demons or else everyone will face the consequences.

Especially the unicorn.

Genre: Fantasy
 EJ Clarke
Cover designer: Roberto Calas

Book 3: Hunter and Prey (Coming Soon!)

A woman accused of being a werewolf.
A lost item surrounded by silence.
And restless memories.

Adren and Nadin go to Adren’s childhood home of Kloreng, expecting to recuperate with the fairies there before heading back out on their search for a cure for the unicorn. Instead, Adren must represent the mound in the case of Esh, an alleged werewolf from the neighbouring human town, and Nadin is hired to find something for the fairies that they are prevented from describing.

As he pursues his task, Nadin delves into magic both unfamiliar and unsettling with the help of a man who isn’t as human as he appears. Meanwhile, Adren’s search for the truth unearths yet more hidden memories and brings her face-to-face with an incident from four years ago, one involving her, the unicorn, and a man named Pider.

The fairies of Kloreng know how the two paths converge, and would share that knowledge freely—if only they could.

Genre: Fantasy

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