One Free Thing That Can Completely Change How You See Yourself

(Please note that this thing is only free until September 1st, not September 6th, like I first said. My apologies. After that, it’s back to $37)

Occasionally, I find really awesome things. Usually, they’re shareable on Facebook or Tumblr or what have you but, every once in a while, they require a blog post.

So, what is this free thing I’m talking about?

It happens to be a Fascination Advantage Report, which you can get for free with a special code.

Sally Hogshead, the creator of this and the five-minute test that will give you your results, describes it like this in the title of her new book:

How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination.

She also explains the system really well on her site, so I won’t reiterate the whole thing here (although I think it’s super cool and I’m very much tempted to go into way too much detail on it so, if you have questions, trust me, I am dying to answer them :D ). What I’ll do instead is tell you about my results, and explain only as necessary.

Before I do that, though, if this is something that catches your interest and you want to try it out right now, here’s the code: BL-Irionuib

And here’s where you use it: How to Fascinate

Go nuts. :)

My Fascination Advantage Result

I am The Intrigue.

That is, that’s my archetype, which is a specific combination of a primary and secondary advantage. In the case of The Intrigue, that means my primary advantage is Passion and my secondary advantage is Mystique.

In addition to this, my lowest of the seven total advantages (aka, my dormant advantage) is Prestige.

Ok, cool. A bunch of words that kind of make sense, but could use some explication. :)

The language of the Passion advantage is that of relationships, and it’s all about connecting with emotions. You know those people who you’ve just met, but they seem really warm and friendly, like they already totally like you and want to talk with you/do stuff with you? Those people probably have Passion as their primary advantage. As you get to know them, you’ll probably discover that they’re also fabulous at brainstorming, but they love so many of their ideas that they can’t possibly only choose only one of them.

*raises hand guiltily*

With Mystique, on the other hand, its language is that of listening, and it’s all about communicating with substance. People with really high Mystique won’t say much. They will listen, observe, and analyse. They will take their time to figure out what needs to be said and then, when they do speak, they’ll invariably say something pretty darn brilliant. But not necessarily in an obvious way, because they have a knack for subtlety. In many ways, these people are the polar opposite of those high in Passion. They’re not easy to get to know because they don’t share much right away but, as anyone who’s got a friend or family member like this knows, it is totally worth it to take the time to build a relationship with them. I can think of several people like this.

As my mom remarked when I told her I have these as my primary and secondary advantages: “That sounds confused.”

Well, yes. It can often feel like I’ve got two different people inside of me. But, in reality, when I’m at my best, these two operate together quite smoothly and, as a result, I am discerning, considerate, perceptive, selective, and warm and cool.

In other words, I have at my disposal both emotional and analytic processing. They allow me to see small things in the people around me (discerning), which I can then use to inform me of how to use either my emotional side or my analytic side to make others feel heard and valued (considerate). At my best, I have a very good grasp of the big picture of how things and people relate to each other (perceptive), and I take my time to carefully make my decisions (selective). In the end, I can connect with people quite quickly because I’m quite approachable, but I also know when to draw back and keep things to myself (warm and cool), which means it can take time to know me fully.

In other words, I’m not going to be making snap decisions (I’m terrible at those), but I will think through everything before I make a decision about it. How I treat you, how I speak, how I act. Everything.

I’m not always at my best. I can definitely get unbalanced by relying too much on one or the other (although I generally err on the side of Passion) but, at my very best, I am fascinating in my own unique way.

And so are you, which is why I’m sharing the code with you. I’d love to know how you are when you’re at your best, because that’s the person I want to encourage you to be. You light up when you’re really, truly yourself, and that is a beautiful thing, well worth seeing. :)

(At which point I shall remind you of both the code [ BL-Irionuib ] and the website: How to Fascinate, and that you have until September 1st to find out your highest value for free)

Okay. But what about my dormant advantage, Prestige?

Prestige speaks the language of excellence; it earns respect with higher standards. And, as my dormant advantage, it is the one advantage that will suck me dry if I try to rely on it for success.

People high in Prestige are overachievers. They want to be stronger, harder, faster. They push everyone to be better, to be the best they can be. They are competitive, and they care about things like titles, rank, and other measures of achievement.

Blech blech blech. That is not me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a totally valuable thing to have, and I can see in an intellectual way how it’s beneficial, but it just really, really isn’t me.

I really don’t care about awards. They’re nice if they help me connect with people (that’s my Passion speaking), but they aren’t all that interesting to me in and of themselves. I’m also not into bragging about myself. If I say I think something of mine is awesome, it’s because I really do think that, not because I’m trying to win some kind of contest. I also most likely feel extremely uncomfortable saying it, even if I do think it’s true.

In other words, this means that I don’t want others to feel inferior, and all I really want is to be happy with what I do and confident in who I am. And that’s something I want for you, too. Unless your primary or secondary advantage is Prestige. In which case, I guess I want you to be a the top of your game or something. :P But, seriously. I want you to have what matters to you, even if I don’t totally get why you care about it.

Do I Get Anything Out of Offering You This?

Nope. Not a penny. Not a dime. Not even a nickel, seeing as we’re currently phasing out the penny here in Canada.

Do I get any recognition or awards? Nope. And I don’t want them.

This is for you. For you to have a chance to find out what you already are that is utterly


and totally


Find out how you naturally captivate people by taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment for free (until it goes back to being $37 on September 1st, 2014) using this code: BL-Irionuib

And, when you’re done, share what you got. The archetypes have got some really fun names, and I bet I’m not the only one who wants to know what your result is! :D Or, if you’re not in a sharing mood, get some friends or family members to do the five-minute test, see if you can guess what they’ll get. ;)

Until then, here’s the site: How to Fascinate

May you be encouraged, strengthened, and uplifted by what you discover.

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